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Mixing Prints Like a Pro!

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Gemma Brushstroke Wrap Dresas

Gemma Brushstroke Wrap Dress

In case you haven’t already spotted it on the streets or on the ramp, now is your chance to get to know the hottest trend of the season – mixing prints! It’s no longer just about putting together printed dresses and accessorizing; now the trends dictate that you mix up more than two prints at a time to create stunning pieces that is nothing short of a masterpiece! Here, take a look at some of the popular print-mixing techniques and styles…

  • Mixing prints is no child’s play. If you’re just a beginner you can start with the basics – just mix the small and bigger version of the same print. Mix small stripes with larger or broader ones or mix microflorals with large and bright floral prints.
  • If you’re skeptical about pulling off the whole mixed prints trend with confidence, how about you try the same print in multiple colors? Pick a monotone top in solid colors and pick a pair of bottoms in multicolors and pair them together to create the perfect optical illusion.
  • While you muster your courage and venture out into the unknown to explore completely unrelated prints, start with something you love. Love is the key to create stunning masterpieces and that should be the only factor that decides your outfit combinations.
  • While mixing prints, club together related ones; for instance pair art prints with art prints and classic prints with classics like polka, stripes, paisley, florals etc.
  • When you accessorize a mixed-print ensemble, keep the accessories to a minimum! While it’s preferable to go for gold, silver or base metal jewelry, you can also experiment with other colors and textures when it comes to your accessories.

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