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A Must-Read for All the Batman Fans!

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Batman Graphic TeeBatman has been busy for quite a few years helping save the city of Gotham from evil and, we have all been engrossed watching him do it! Well, if you’re a fan of this awesome guy, show it to the world by wearing a tee flaunting his graphic. But, before you do that, read on to find out just five interesting facts about this famous movie -

  • The first Batman movie was produced in 1966 where four villains teamed up against Batman and Robin.
  • The famous fictional character, Pee Wee Herman is the reason Batman was created. Warner Bros. hired Tim Burton to direct a Batman movie after the financial success they got from the movie Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.
  • Kevin Conroy has played the role of Batman the longest, he voiced the animated batman in seven cartoon series, six video games and five animated movies – in total it comes up to 12 years.
  • The director of the The Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan is believed to have based his version of Batman on Teddy Roosevelt. Here are their similarities – Teddy was born to a supremely wealthy family, adored his father, lost two precious people on the same day – his wife and his mother. To escape his utter grief, he disappeared for several years in the Montana badlands and returned to be the commissioner of the New York City Police which he helped to reform.
  • In the Dark Knight trilogy, Batman uses a fighting technique which is known as Keysi. This technique was developed in Spain and focuses on real-world street fighting!
  • Co-creator Bill Finger used two historical figures to name Batman’s alter ego. The first was Robert the Bruce also known as King Bruce I of Scotland who led the Scots against the British in the Wars of Scottish Independence. The surname was borrowed from Anthony Wayne, a brigadier general and hero of the American Revolutionary War.

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