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Of Necklines and Necklaces!

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Triangle Layered Necklace

Triangle Layered Necklace

You have a whole bunch of accessories and you have a whole lot of beautiful dresses, but you’re just not sure how to pair them? Well, let’s discuss some common necklines and the type of the necklaces that will suit them! Take a look…

For an outfit with a crew neckline, like the one commonly found on tee shirts, a lariat necklace is the best choice. Featuring a long rope-like line made from fabric, pearls or metal, the lariat usually has a loop or tassels at the end!

The next and the most commonly found neckline is the round; you can style it with a round necklace that has a lot of bead work, embellishments etc. A simple gold necklace or chain sans any pendant will also do the trick for you!

If you’re wearing a boat-neck, you can jazz it up with art deco inspired pieces with a large pendant. You can infuse the funk element into your outfit by opting for necklaces with beaded pendants, geometrical designs or floral motifs. You can also wear long necklines that can draw attention away from your broad shoulders and create symmetry in your look!

Chunky or multi-layered chains and necklaces will look spectacular with strapless dresses; they will expertly hide your collar bone and also give a dramatic touch to your outfit! Multi-layered chokers and pendants will a lot of layers or volume will also work with a strapless neckline!

For regular work-wear shirts and blouses, heavily beaded or embellished tribal necklaces, pearls and slim pendant necklaces that can worn around the collar of the shirt will be great!

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