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Olivia Palermo Takes Street-Style to a Whole New Level!

Olivia Palermo StyleProving that she is the ultimate style icon yet again, Olivia Palermo braved the streets of New York on Tuesday looking runway-ready. Everytime she steps out, this pretty socialite wraps up girly, classy and polished looks at one go with her hair always messy in “all the right ways”.

She recently revealed her style inspiration to Look magazine saying, “I travel so much and get inspiration from all the different cultures. So, whether I’m in Paris, Tokyo or London, I incorporate the overall sense of style from each city. I also get tons of inspiration from old classic movies and black and white films. If you open up Vogue Italia, there are endless pages of inspiration!” So, are you ready to learn a new style lesson from the gorgeous gal? Keep reading!

She wore a navy coat over a slouchy white turtleneck sweater and teamed the two with a mini leopard-print skater skirt and thick black tights. The actress spiced up the look with a tangerine clutch which matched with the colorblocked heels of her awesome boots.

Wondering what style lesson you can learn from this look?

  • Pop up layers of winter clothing with a real bright accessory like – tangerine
  • If you’re wearing slouchy knits on top, go short at the bottom with a mini skirt or short
  • Adding a bit of prints to an outfit gives it a fashionista touch
  • Don’t just keep your short-shorts and skirts for the warmer days, they co
  • mbine sexy and sophistication when worn with tights
  • You can match your accessories, but only a little! Like – the heel of your shoes and your clutch
  • Most importantly, always walk the streets like you’re shooting for a fashion mag

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