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One Blazer, and 3 Ways to Wear It

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Seersucker Double-breasted Blazer

Seersucker Double-breasted Blazer

Modern corporate dressing rules are constantly being revamped all over the globe with multinational firms chucking out the formal suit-jacket for more relaxed and breezy dress codes that not only build the company’s public image, but also take the chore out of dressing for its employees. So, if you’re one those lucky women who work in this scenario, there will be a few days when you want to wear a jacket – like when you are taking an interview, giving a presentation, or addressing a gathering of new recruits. So, we thought we’d give you some ways to create a sort of pseudo-formal look with just one blazer!

Wear your tailored suit jacket sparingly with a pair of brightly colored pants and casual sleeveless blouse; lose the jacket once the meeting is over, or better yet, substitute it with a showy pendant necklace – you know, just to make up for the fact that you had to spend a couple of hours wearing a jacket!

You know what can completely take off the formal element of a blazer? When you team it with jeans, of course! Pick light-blue skinny pants, a printed blouse and toss in the combo together with a well-cut solid blazer! Wear pumps or clogs to complete your look!

A summery printed sheath featuring gorgeous geometric patterns is just what you need to go with your suit jacket!

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March 24th, 2016

A Man’s Guide to Black-tie Suits

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Modern Slim Black Wool Suit Jacket

Modern Slim Black Wool Suit Jacket

There is so much fashion advice out there for the fairer sex that we tend to forget about the men in tux! When it comes to decoding the formal dressing guide, especially the black-tie suit guide, men need almost as much help as women do when it comes to picking out their party dress. So, here is a little break-down on the many different versions of the black-tie dress code. Take a look…

When your invitation clearly states black tie, keep things strictly formal; wear a black or a midnight blue tuxedo with a tux pleat shirt and matching pants with a cummerbund or a waistcoat. Well-polished black leather oxfords complete this look.

When you are required to go to a black tie optional event, you can either retain your black or dark tux and lose the black tie for a friendly colored bow-tie or, switch over to a dark gray tuxedo suit with a regular neck tie. Since you’re tossing out all formal elements of the black-tie dress code, , you can use a white pocket square to retain some level of formality in your outfit.

Black-tie creative events give you lot more freedom to explore your personal style than black-tie optional events in the sense that you can get away with wearing a colorful two-piece suit with a black tie, or keep your basic suit formally colored, either black, gray or navy, and go with a colorful bow tie!

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March 20th, 2016

Red Carpet Stunners of the Week

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Goddess Dress

Goddess Dress

We’re at the penultimate day of the week, and we thought, now would be a good time to bring you updates from the red carpet. Given that, it’s going to be wedding season soon, you’re going to need a lot of ideas to look your very best. Here, check out our picks…

We’ll start off with red-carpet pro Jennifer Lopez, and her striking Cushine et Ochs midi dress she wore for the premiere of The Perfect Match; featuring a sexy strappy design at the back, the mint-blue number hugged all her curves and made a splendid statement! It did help that Jennifer had paired the sexy dress with a just-out-bed hairstyle, baby pink lips and jewel-encrusted Christian Louboutin pumps in matching mint-blue! Got curves, flaunt them!

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, star of the third installment of the Final Destination franchise showed us a new level of chic dressed in a drool-worthy black number with gold prints from Valentino; the sleek leather belt that seemed to hold together the entire dress did a loopy-knot across her back all the way to her shoulders; and that proved to be an interesting twist to this lighter, spring-approved breezy number. She teamed it with a metallic box clutch and matching sandals.

Zoey Deschanel, who’s always had us on our toes with her interesting and girly outfits, dished out another cute version during an event celebrating the 100th episode of her hit show, New Girl. She wore a simple white Kate Spade dress with strategic cuts but it was the cute black bow belt at the waist that had us sighing in cutesy delight!

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March 10th, 2016

J’Lo Kills it in a Lace Dress

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V-neck Lace Dress

V-neck Lace Dress

Lace dresses aren’t exactly a new trend; after all they’ve been around for a really long time! But singer, actress and hot mama, Jennifer Lopez is making us reconsider lace dresses as the colorful antidotes to the dull and dark winter days we’ve just had. And, this especially holds true for those that do not like feminine floral prints; coz lace provides the perfect alternative to vibrant florals but in a subdued and underplayed manner.

Giving up her recent obsession with bling, the 46-year old singer was spotted at a TV show clad in a beautiful turtle-neck Dolce & Gabbana lace dress that reached just up to her mid-thigh. Strewn with charming floral lace motifs, the cute number was a far cry from the embellished and sparkly versions that she’s been accustomed to lately! And of course, just like any other dress, accessorizing proved to the key for this one too! The star color-contrasted her look with Giuseppe Zanotti knee-high suede black boots, while the criss-cross rings on her fingers amped-up her star-factor furthermore!

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March 6th, 2016

Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

Floral Large Zip Pouch

Floral Large Zip Pouch

Who doesn’t love some good old fashion tips to save the day? Here are some super-cool fashion tips that are guaranteed to never go out of style…

  1. Throw in unexpected accessories! While dressing up a deep neckline, you’d be expected to go with a Greek-style antique necklace, right? Toss the rule aside and go with a fringe scarf and use the tassels as a neckpiece! That would make a fabulous fashion statement, and will leave everyone wondering how you came up with the idea! Yes, you can thank us later!
  2. This is one thing that everyone tell you, but here it is again: always be prepared to take fashion risks! Who knows, you might end up creating something fabulous!
  3. For evening cocktails, don’t just go with the conventional evening gown or dress, take up a jumpsuit or a romper! You choice of outfit will not only be exceptional, but with some cute styling, you can be the star of the evening!
  4. Once in a while, throw in a cute accessory that is reminiscent of your childhood wardrobe; for instance, a crazy cartoon-printed graphic tee teamed with skinny jeans and booties or, a Dora-printed box clutch with a classy pink evening gown will make a quirky yet interesting addition to your ensemble that will surely earn you some compliments!

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March 3rd, 2016

4 Items to Take your Office-ready Looks to Another Level

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Mosaic Blue Necklace

Mosaic Blue Necklace

If you’re always on the lookout for new ways to spruce up work outfits and take them to new heights, jewelry is the key! Here, we’ve listed out 4 new finds that can totally step-up your corporate style game. Take a look…

To justify choosing a drool-worthy Teardrop Pendant for work when you should’ve only worn it to a party, just loop it through a delicate gold chain and let your pendant do all the talking. Go with natural make-up and forget about accessorizing to nail this look!

Why wear a Large Pendant Necklace when a delicate gold pendant that just grazes your collarbone will do? Wear just one to keep thing chic and understated and layer a few together to give your outfits an uncanny personal touch!

When all jewelry options are out of the equation, you could always sneak in a stylish but adorably Simple Knot Cuff to grace your wrists; hide it inside your shirts or just roll-up the cuffs to show off your bold choice!

Bib necklaces are the corporate fashion pro’s office-wear staples; but this Mosaic Blue Necklace from BR will be a game-changing addition to your collection. Wear it with any solid colored shirt and work pants or pencil skirts to rule the boardroom!

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February 17th, 2016

The 10-piece Capsule Wardrobe

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Chambray Shirttail Pencil Skirt

Chambray Shirttail Pencil Skirt

The best piece of advice you can get is to have a great collection of staple pieces or basics! Looking to curate your own capsule wardrobe? Here are 10 must-have staples for this season…

Trench coat: Everyone will tell you that having a trench coat in your wardrobe is a must; besides being a great finisher piece, it also provides a figure-flattening effect. For a capsule wardrobe, pick a trench coat in a neutral color that can work with almost all of your existing clothing!

Striped tee shirt: A staple of every French woman’s wardrobe, the black and white nautically striped tee is a classic piece that never goes out of style.

A fitting pencil skirt that works for both causal and formal occasions; something like a chambray skirt will make a fabulous addition to your wardrobe while giving you plenty of outfit options!

A floral printed shirt: What better way to welcome early spring than with a cutesy floral-printed shirt that can be teamed with a structured blazer for work and a with a denim moto jacket and jeans for casual outings.

Boyfriend jeans: Skinny jeans are great, but sometimes when you’re just craving for some style with comfort, nothing works like a pair of rolled-hem boyfriend jeans.

A flirty sweater to keep all winter blues at bay and one that you can use next fall should go right on top of your list!

Classic black pants: No wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of work pants in black. Grab a pair and team them with all your work tops!

Shirt dress: When you wish let your hair down and enjoy a causal weekend with your pals, sans any frills, a good shirtdress is a great choice. Bonus point: They also work well for casual Fridays!

Blazer: It goes without saying that a structured blazer is a must for every wardrobe. Not only does it make a great finisher piece, it also adds substance and character to your outfits.

White shirt: Now what wardrobe can make-do without a good button-down white shirt? That’s right! Not one!

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February 11th, 2016

The One-and-done Outfit

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BR Monogram Laser-cut Leather Skirt

BR Monogram Laser-cut Leather Skirt

Holding a great job title is the best shot of confidence anyone can ever get; but to be honest, success comes with its own highs! But on the plus side, there are lots of perks to being successful! One of which include all the great places you get to visit, all the great restaurants you get to dine in and, all the beautiful people you get to meet! But it all comes with one tiny catch: you need to have the perfect outfit for everything! Ah, it’s during these times that you wish you had that super-fab one-and-done outfit that you can wear to work, then to dinner with clients and then an after party with your best pals. But is there such an outfit? Yes, there is! While you have plenty of options to choose from, we thought, we’d just leave you with this one incredible combo that can pull you through the day, effortlessly and fashionably too! Take a look…

A structured pencil skirt is something anyone can pull off at work, but a colored leather pencil skirt with cut-outs – now that’s something best left to the pros! Grab a brightly colored leather cut-out pencil skirt, team it with a basic black button-front shirt (tucked in, of course) and wear a structured leather jacket with platform pumps! The fusion of leather skirt with a basic work shirt and the edgy leather jacket definitely spell success; and if you feel, you can’t wear platform pumps all day long, then switch over to platform brogues – equally fashionable and bold – this is one piece that can sleepwalk you through your day!

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February 9th, 2016

A Man’s Guide to Scarves

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Georgina Scarf

Georgina Scarf

Scarves are not just to keep you from the cold, these dainty little accessories serve up a lot more in terms of style too, you only need to know how to wear them! Here are a few ways to wear a scarf…

The Stylish New Yorker: This is perhaps one of the easiest and most stylish ways to wear a scarf. Take the scarf length-wise, fold it half and pull the loose ends through the loop you’ve just created with the folding. You can wear your scarf this way for both formal and casual occasions; in fact, that is the best part of this look; you can wear it with jeans and a tee shirt with as much comfort as you can with a two-piece suit.

The Gentleman’s Club:  Did you know that wearing your scarf a certain way spells success, status and wealth? Yes, it does! Wrap your scarf around your neck length-wise with one end greatly longer than the other! If your scarf is made from rich silk, crafted woolen or other expensive material, then this look will easily get you winning points!

The Ivy Leaguer: Ha Ha! The much coveted Ivy League look was as simple as tying a scarf! Just wrap the scarf around your neck length-wise but this time, keep the ends at equal length and tuck the ends into your coat lapel in a manner that your scarf forms a beautiful border around your jacket’s lapel!

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January 15th, 2016

A New Kind of Monochrome

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Metallic Tweed Fringe Tank

Metallic Tweed Fringe Tank

Among the never-ending stream of starlets who patiently wait for the limelight to shine on them, then are quite a few who walk with a casual elegance that can only come when you’re wearing a style that no one else is. And, that’s what happened with Transformers star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! The 28-year old diva who announced her engagement during the Golden Globes on Sunday night, January 10, 2016, sported a huge diamond sparkler as she walked beside her action hero, Jason Statham. But wait till you find out what she wore and what was special about it!

The British star was sparkling in her studded golden Atelier Versace mermaid gown embellished with millions of gold sequins; the dress also featured spaghetti straps that criss-crossed at the back and a delicate layer of chiffon at the base of the skirt. Rosie’s dress was so gorgeous she did not need much in terms of accessories save her pricey high heel shoes in a matching champagne tone. But here’s what things get interesting; Rosie’s golden number was an exact match for the golden shade of her blond locks! Now, that’s one way to pull off the monochrome trend – match your dress with your hair!

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January 12th, 2016