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Pixie Pixie Everywhere! But, How to Style It?

Head GearShort hair is low maintenance, sure the pixie community agrees! But then, getting the right accessories to go with the look? Not so easy! Overdo a little and you might end up looking like The Great Gatsby‘s Carey Mulligan. So, with your minimalist cut, less is more.

Headbands that look like they are barely there, the skinny ones, work really well with a pixie. A plain one with a couple of stones or crystals would be a perfect choice with a dress. As your pixie grows, keep a black headband handy to keep your tresses off your eyes. Avoid picking up something too wide or too ornate, might end up looking like something mum picked for you in your second grade! You can also double the headbands; it gives you a chance to mix prints and patterns.

Is your pixie in that odd “growing out” stage or are you trying to hide a cowlick? Head scarf is the word! Go bandanna style or when you get bored of that style wear it like a headband. With scarves, you can play around with prints and floral pattern to add color and dimension to your plain outfit. If you are a wearing flannel or plaid shirt, stick to neutral-colored scarves.

Taking a hint from Emma Watson, you can also try some barrettes, but again, small and not too princess themed or bright. Tortoiseshell barrettes or sequins barrettes are always a hit. Clip it at the side, behind your ear or just above it!

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