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The Power of Purple!

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Women's Purple DressA combination of blue and red, purple is fun, playful, dramatic and fashionable. It can give the charm of blue and the energy of red. Do you know why the US is often referred as “a purple state”? Because the state has the reds (Republicans) and the blues (Democrats) distributed evenly across.

Wear a purple outfit to make a sweet-yet-bold fashion statement! It pairs great with other colors for a sassy look. And purple is one color that never fails when you colorblock! The hot combo of orange and purple has been the season’s most eye-catching trend.  Cheryl Chloe, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba made it to the red carpet in this deadly color blend, making everyone talk at once! Other iconic beauties who have sported beautiful shades of purple are Lauren Conrad, Beyonce and Natalie Portman!

From amethyst eyes to violet pumps, shades of purple are undoubtedly reigning the world when it comes to beauty and allure! Whether it’s a casual floral tie-front blouse or formal non-iron sateen shirt, purple makes the outfit look even prettier. At Banana Republic purple can be seen everywhere. Shop for purple dresses, scarves, sweaters and more at a price that won’t hurt your pocket!

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