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A Quick Look at the Last Supper!

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Banana Republic Women's ClothingAs you all know, Maunty Thursday has arrived – the day when according to the Christian belief, Jesus has a final meal with his Apostles before his crucifixion. We’re pretty sure y’all would be well informed about the sacred day, so, for a good change, we’d like to bring to you some of the facts about Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, The Last Supper!

  •  Leonardo da Vinci took three full years to complete the masterpiece starting from 1495 to 1498.
  • The Last Supper was a mural painting which was painted directly on the wall for Leonardo’s patron Lodovico Sforza.
  • Instead of a fresco painting, Leonardo opted for tempera which includes egg yolk and vinegar. No wonder, the painting started to deteriorate soon and several steps had to be taken to save the masterpiece.
  • As an ode to the dying masterpiece, Gabriele D’Annunzio wrote the epitaph, Ode on the Death of a Masterpiece – “O Poets, it is no longer”.
  • The monastery where the painting was kept started falling off in 1943 but miraculously, the wall where The Last Supper was hung survived through the tough times!

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