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A Little “Rusty” Style – The Russell Crowe Way!

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Black Polo

Black Polo

Some stereotypes never seem to change and in the case of New Zealand born Australian actor Russell Crowe, it just seems to have worked to his advantage. He pulls off alpha-male roles with utmost ease along with the inherent swagger and ruggedness in his demeanor.

Russell makes all the right moves with his taste in clothes as he displays typical Australian traits of dressing. A nation known for celebrating the great outdoors and a penchant for all kinds of sports, it is best reflected in their choice of clothes. Russell is in his element with his casual ensemble as he pulls of a variety of looks that does justice to his image.

He is at his comfortable best when spotted in a black polo and neutral colored cargo shorts ensemble or anything that has a laidback aura about it. He sure knows how to pull off a nice pair of shorts as they happen to be his preferred choice of wear. He pairs flannelled plaid shirts with sports shorts and has shown his liking for a white baseball cap. The track jacket-sports pants look is pulled off with equal élan and ease by Russell as he usually tries to bring in the sports wear element to his attire whenever possible.

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