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The Scarf Matters!

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Plaid Twill Scarf

Plaid Twill Scarf

“Winter is coming!” the motto of House Stark from the popular American television series The Game of Thrones can’t be more relevant than right now. It is almost winter and Christmas is fast approaching. It’s time you pull out the long coats you’d stuffed in the back of your closets and get all bundled up. ‘Cos it is during winter that men’s fashion comes alive; it’s now that men try and experiment with different styles by donning multiple layers like sweaters, jackets, scarves and sweatshirts.

One advice, from designer Ernest Alexander, when dressing for winter is: Do not over think what you are wearing, let the layers complement each other and you will look good no matter what.

Try wearing a scarf around your neck; it can instantly elevate your style. And, the best thing about scarves is that you don’t have to care about the design or the color. They are easy to wear and easy to coordinate with the rest of your attire.

Additionally, scarves give you a window of flexibility that allows you to experiment and try out different kinds of knots. Various simple yet stylish knots such as Persian knot, overhand knot and fake knot can be easily tied without breaking a sweat. When in doubt, choose the simplest knot; just wrap the scarf around your neck and let the ends hang loose in front.

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