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Seal Your Love With Rings!

Rings have always fascinated women. Let’s take a sneak peek into the history of fashion accessories and try to find out why rings demand such a craze. Rings became popular in the medieval period and have been in trend ever since. There is at least one story in each culture that talks about the fascination of this piece of jewelry.

Ancient Egyptians thought that wearing a ring on the fourth finger brought their loved ones close to their heart. They believed that there was a vein in that finger that directly connected to the heart. This belief passed on to different cultures and even the Romans called it the “vein of love”. Later, in 1549, it was King Edward VI who decreed the fourth finger of the left hand as the official ring finger. Wearing wedding rings on this finger has become a tradition now.

These days, rings are not just jewelry pieces that signify the bond between two people, they are fashion statements. Most celebrities show off their trend status with classy, intricate, funky rings. Rings go well with most outfits and are perfect for last minute accessorizing.

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