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Shopping for Winter!

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Ribbed Cashmere Open Cardigan

Ribbed Cashmere Open Cardigan

‘Winter is here’ – that’s all it takes to send us into a gloomy mood. For most of us, the mere thought of winter puts us in a joyful mood, thanks to the hours of fun you can have building a snowman, sledging and having snowball fights with your friends and family. But for the others, it’s a season that marks the official end of fall and summer. Summer was fun, but during fall you were pretty much able to get away with summer clothes and just a few modifications, so it wasn’t really a big deal. But winter, now that’s a whole new story. You need to change your entire wardrobe; you need to access those sweaters from the loft or storage and then go into a hyper-vigilante mode trying to piece together what are the items that are still in fashion and what are not. Whewwww… That’s quite a task!

And, that’s just half the story. Once you’re done sorting the stacks the clothes into wear, donate, recycle and storage, you need to make a list of things that you need for the new season. Browse through the recent red carpet trends and celebrity street styles and make some notes before you start shopping!

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