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A Silky Delight

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Silk originated in China, and for more than 30 centuries it was a highly guarded Chinese secret. According to a legend, the wife of a Chinese Emperor was the first to discover it. We should thank her for doing so because this naturally breathable and absorbent fabric is so comfortable, it can work the year round. Enjoy the elegance and the soft flow of silk; get some dazzling silk blouses and shirts from Banana Republic at reduced prices with the current offer of 30% off on your purchases.

A classic silk shirt is a wardrobe staple. It can be sexy, professional or casual – it just depends on how you wear it. If you have to make a run for a dinner date straight from your desk, put on a silk shirt and pair it with a pencil cut or slim-cut pants. On a casual day out silk blouses look good with jeans, shorts or a high-waisted miniskirt. You can accessorize it with funky belts, cool jewelry pieces and more to add some bling to the classic style.

At Banana Republic, you can find silk shirts and blouses in various designs, styles, colors and patterns.

Hurry up and get one of these pretty blouses, the offer is valid only today, 19 November 2012. This offer also covers other fashionable apparel of men and women. Check them out right now and when you’re done shopping, enter the Banana Republic coupon code MERRYDAY at checkout to claim this discount.