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Make a Splash with Color Block Dresses

Add a dash of color to your look with the new color blocking trend. Before you start, here’s all you need to know about color blocking.

In color blocking, blocks of two or more SOLID colors are combined to create a bold style statement. You can show off this huge, huge trend on your tops, bottoms, tunics, handbags, shoes and even nail art! If you think this idea holds good only for bright colors, you’ll need to think again. This raging trend is perfect for the lighter shades as well.  

You need not be a creative genius to pull off this latest fashion trend. Go by any of the three major color blocking techniques to look great and demand some attention. In monochromatic color blocking, a single color is used throughout the outfit, but in various shades. “Mix-and-then-pop” is another way of color blocking. Try mixing two to four contrasting colors to achieve a look that’s ultra flattering and fashionable. The third technique is the most simplest of all – get a designer color-blocked outfit!! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The color blocking trend gained popularity first in the 1960s and later in 1980s. However, it made a comeback in last year’s Fall Collection and made its presence felt in NYFW runways during spring/summer 2012.

Women can use it to hide their unnecessary flab. Yeah it really works!! Dark colors create a slimming effect, so color block your problem areas with a dark shade and keep the rest of your outfit soft in lighter hues.

Check out the amazing color block dresses at Banana Republic and spruce up your looks. Experiment with colors, like blue, orange, and green, but restrict yourself to just three colors at a time. Buy just the right kinda accessories to complete the look.

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