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Style Your Hair with a Headband

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Beaded skinny headband

Wear your hair up or down with a headband. Long, short, curly, or straight, whatever be your hair type, a headband is all you need to make a style statement. The evolution of headbands dates back to the Greek era (475-330 BC) when wreaths made of olive branches were worn as ornamental headbands. As time passed by, the Etruscans and the Romans began making wreaths from precious metals, like silver and gold.

In the mid-1960’s, the hippy culture popularized headbands as the perfect hair accessory for guys and girls. The hippie-inspired headbands were made from ribbons, wild flowers  and scarves. A Hippie headband, also called bohemian headband, was simply a bandana or a cord tied around the head in many different styles. Boho headband accessories were actually worn to commemorate special occasions.

They were slowly replaced by the elastic headbands in the 1980s and emerged as a major hair accessory in the next decade. Though the “headband trend” was triggered off by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, it’s no surprise that all the Hollywood hotties are for it now. Kate Perry looked gorgeous in her graceful hairdo that was accentuated by her gold embellished hair band. So did Elle Fanning in her silky black headband with her hair left loose over the shoulders.

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