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Style Your Pixie Cut Like Ginnifer Goodwin!

Pixie Cut StyleThe Once Upon a Time star, Ginnifer Goodwin keeps us spellbound with her pretty face and captivating smile everytime we watch the show. Other than her superb acting she is also famous for her ultra edgy pixie-cut and the fashionable ways she styles it up. Her hairstyle is even acclaimed to be one of the reasons she has soared high as a fashion icon.

Are you planning to get a haircut anytime soon? Take the plunge and try a pixie-cut like Ginnifer’s, if you don’t like it you can always grow your hair back again! Well, if you already have one or are planning to try it out, here are a few ways to style them up, inspired by the pretty actress -

Keep the Studs Big – While your pretty earrings may often get hidden away with long hair, the pixie cut style lets your earrings  shine out in all their glory. So, accessorize with big studded and chandelier style earrings!

Indulge in Cuteness – Buy some cute headbands with bow details or ones with sparkling stones to add the cute factor to your look. Well, if you’re not in for the “cute look”, you can also try a more rocker chic look with a printed scarf, just tie it around your head and knot it in front.

Try the Backwards Necklace Trend! – Anne Hathaway let her dazzling necklace shine backwards at the Oscars and her short pixie-cut let them take all the attention. Give it a try!

Suit it Up – Don’t stay back from men-inspired fashion like tuxedo blazers and loafers, just add a girly element to the look with a purse or a cute necklace.

A Different Look Every Day! – A pixie cut lets you try out almost as many hairstyles you could with long hair! You can try the side part, the Elvis look, punky, sculptured or tousled style and more! You can also top it with a beanie for an ultra adorable look.

Well, if you’re getting a pixie cut, start stacking up on the essentials from Banana Republic. You’ll find headbands, pretty earrings and scarves to style up your new do. Shop for these items at a discount with Banana Republic coupon codes!

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