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A Style to Stay – Jeans! Get them at a 30% Discount from Banana Republic!

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BRTHANKWhile fashion seems to be constantly evolving with fads and trends passing like the short-lived clouds, one style that has been and will be in vogue forever is the mighty “jeans”! You would’ve heard a lot about how to rock the denim look or even how to choose the right fit, but today, take time to find out a few interesting facts about them!

  • Wouldn’t it be cool to wear the most expensive pair of jeans? Well, in case you’re wondering about them, the current world’s most expensive jeans are Dussault Apparel’s Trashed Denim jeans priced at $250, 000.
  • Did you know? A pair of jeans aged over one hundred and fifteen years were auctioned at eBay and sold for $60,000 to an anonymous collector.
  • Before the world saw jeans as fashion apparel, it was initially worn for the sole purpose of durability. Cowboys and workers at the factories predominantly wore them for their toughness which withstood the rigors of their jobs!
  • Ever wondered why jeans are such a rave among the youth ? Well, we should thank the late Hollywood actor James Dean – after he rocked the look in his film, Rebel without a Cause, it became a symbol of youth rebellion. Thereafter, teens and jeans went hand-in-hand!
  • The traditional land of India has its own story for denims too! The sailors of Dhunga wore trousers made of denim which became named after the sailors themselves, the “dungarees”!

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