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How to Get the Best Out of your Accessories

It cannot be stressed enough that accessories are a great way to make simpler and utterly down-to-earth outfits look extremely posh and sophisticated. They are a symbolic representation of your personality; they help show off your status quo in this society; and, accessories establish your wealth. Accessories help build your look and also help draw [...]

Margot Robbie Gets Tasseled!

With so much being spoken about the Oscar red carpet looks, it’s not just the dress that makes these celebs look as stunning as they are; accessories also play a very important role in complementing their outfit. Some accessories play such an prominent role that they can either make or break the look! Simple pieces [...]

Boot-it Up!

Who doesn’t love a fashion fad? You step out into the street and the first thing you see is someone or the other trying out a trend that you just saw last night on the net. While most fashion fads are fabricated to make you look good, there are some that look absolutely ridiculous on [...]

Did You Know It Yet?

One could only wish for a great start at fashion – after all, the trendsetting styles don’t come at budget-friendly rates. When fashion has to be sacrificed to an extent where you could no more stand the thought of wearing the not-so-in-vogue styles, Banana Republic comes to the rescue just at the nick of time! [...]

Trending Now: Ankle Strap Pumps the New “It” thing!

Very closely associated with the “It girl” standards, the alluring new trend of ankle strap pumps are back with a bang, and this time the trend plans to stay for long. With its perpetual allegiance to chic attire, these sexy pumps have made it bigger and better than ever to the world of fashion, and [...]

Signature Style from BR!

What’s your signature style? Do you love to play dress-up in pretty gowns and elegant outfits, or do you prefer to keep things strictly formal with pants, suits and pencil skirts? Well, whatever you choose you’re bound to find clothes to-fall-in-love-with at Banana Republic! Checkout the featured signature styles and make the best of this [...]

The Finishing Touch!

It’s hard to even think about it – a world without accessories. The feel of blings gleaming against the skin, handbags that carry our essentials and makeup, shoes that bring out the attitude in us, layering elements that elevate our look to a whole new level, everything happens to be just impossible to be left [...]

Woman and her Shoes!

It’s not for no reason did Marilyn Monroe say the timeless quote, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. The quote itself might come across as a bit too old but the context fits the modern era just so perfectly that women have an inborn attitude that tends to step [...]

Always “In” – The White Shirt!

White shirts are just timeless! They are a staple and must-have in any man’s wardrobe. White shirts have so many faces to it, that it can be styled to get so many different looks like a classic, a retro, casual, business. You name the look and this amazing piece of clothing delivers! A white shirt [...]

Top trends from the MTV Music Awards!

The 31st annual MTV music video awards held at Inglewood California on August 24, 2014, saw some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the music industry. From Queen Bey in her stunning black lace number to pop singer Katy Perry in her all-denim ensemble, the awards night had gorgeous women run the show! Here’s [...]