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It’s Leather Weather Now!

No matter what the fashion blogs and fashionistas say about winter fashion, it’s not sweater weather anymore! They’ve all upgraded to leather weather! Leather jackets, gloves, leather leggings, pants, crop tops, dresses and more surprisingly novel leather outfits are already out there; and, it’s about time you take up leather too! Wondering how? Here are [...]

Kendall Jenner in a Trendy Jumpsuit

Tired of good old LBD’S? Choose fancy jumpsuits over the classic silhouettes and get creative with your own styles for the season! With stars like Nina Doborev, Gwyneth Paltrow  and Kendall Jenner taking a serious liking to this chic trend, we couldn’t help but wonder if jumpsuits are making a strong comeback, this time! When [...]

Don’t ‘Let It Go!’

Don’t worry, ladies! It’s extremely natural to fall in love with your holiday bling. And, if you find yourself in the difficult position where you cannot let go of those pieces that earned you the nickname ‘fashion princess’, here’s the good news: You don’t have to let it go! Holiday bling and their assorted pieces [...]

It was Raining Plunging Necklines at Attitude Awards 2014!

We are left to wonder how these gorgeous celebs coordinate their looks all too well. The stunning modal, Naomi Campbell and the former X Factor judge Tulisa made their entry at the 2014 Attitude Awards with plunging necklines making us gasp for breath! Naomi Campbell, the owner of never-ending pins and ever-fit figure made her [...]

Kendall Jenner Rules the Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week! Take some notes, for Kendall Jenner is here! From now on, it’s gonna be tough call for the designers and casting agents to look for models other than the younger Kardashian sister, Kendall. The 18-year old reality star has dropped the Kardashian-Jenner surname professionally and has taken over the fashion world by [...]

Beat the ‘Mid-Week’ Crisis!

It’s early on a Thursday morning and you hit the snooze on the alarm clock just to catch those extra five minutes of sleep. But when you wake-up, you realize that you just have an hour at the most to show up at work and switch to ‘hurricane Katrina’ mode and get ready for work. [...]

Nailing the Printed Shorts Street-Style!

Though it’s time that Fall has made its stance, the hot summer-printed shorts trend still hangs around. With the right style to pair with, for instance a sweater, you could so effortlessly pull off edgy looks in a matter of seconds. Time to get pretty in hot printed shorts! Go beyond the usual denims and [...]

Couple’s Retreat! Together Bag a Whopping 20% Off on BR Picks!

For some newlyweds the honeymoon never gets over. That’s just the case with the Maroon 5 crooner Adam Levine and his model wife Behati Prinsloo. Both at the Emmy’s and at the MTV VMA, the couple packed in a whole lot of PDA! But, that’s not all that caught everyone’s attention; the stylish couple pulled-off [...]

Five Ways to Style a Pencil Skirt! Now Available at 40%+30% off BR Picks!!

If there’s one particular piece of outfit that can be termed as ‘the perfect office-wear’, something that fits all body types and shapes, then handsdown it has to be the pencil skirt. It’s simple body-hugging silhouette and sheer simplicity has made the pencil skirt one of the most desired outfits for school and office-goers. Pencil [...]

Taylor Swift’s Stunning Red Carpet Look

It’s a well known fact that Taylor Swift loves girly styles. She is the embodiment of sophistication which is evident in her ensembles – sidewalk styles, after-the-gym styles and even her red carpet styles. The 24-year-old country singer has always managed to steal the  spotlight because of her amazing ability to pull off any style [...]