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Time to Pick a Tie or Two

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Hey guys, it’s time you picked some ties for this party season. Today is an awesome day for that because Banana Republic is offering a whopping 40% discount on – not one but two regular priced items!

A tie is one of the first things people notice about your outfit, you may hear “Nice tie”, more often than “nice shoes’” or “nice suit” because it stands out from the rest of your outfit. It’s the accessory that completes your look. Take note, the best length according to GQ is to let your tie length stop right at your beltline.

The must-haves for this season are wool ties and knit ties. Wool ties look great with a classic plaid shirt. They also work well with heavy coats and jackets. Whether it’s a formal suit or a casual trench coat, they pair up well with most winter outfits. At Banana Republic, you’ll find wool ties in different patterns and colors.

As to knit ties, men have been wearing them since the 1950s. In the third series of the James Bond movies ’Goldfinger’, Sean Connery sported a dark silk knit tie and looked as dashing as a 007 spy should. The ultimate fashion magazines for men, GQ and Esquire have been showcasing knit ties on their front cover for the past months. Pair it with a white shirt and slim fit suit for a more 60’s look. Add collar bars if sophistication is your style slogan. They’ll look great with a cotton suit in summer too.

There’s a French term – ‘cri de la soie,’ which means “the cry of silk”. This term is often used to describe the crisp and crunchy sound made by knitted ties when squeezed. Get one of the silk knit ties from Banana Republic and look smashing good this winter.

Baron de Meyer an international style expert of the 1930s said, “An old suit, a battered hat, a perfect tie, and a good collar, that’s what makes a well-dressed man.” It still stands true today, so get your perfect tie and dress up well. You’ll find knit ties, silk ties, woolen ties and more to pick from. The 40% discount offer also covers other apparel, shoes and accessories for men and women. Hurry! It is valid only on 1 December 2012. Get two of your favorites or more and once you’re done shopping, enter the Banana republic promo code BRJOY40 at checkout to avail this discount.