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Timeless Wardrobe Staple: The Little Black Dress!

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Black Lightweight Wool Vee Sheath

Black Lightweight Wool Vee Sheath

There are a number of wardrobe staples in a woman’s closet; but the little black dress is one item a woman would never get rid of. The LBD might be an ultimate outfit choice for most women of today, but its journey wasn’t always so sweet! During earlier times, black was reserved as a color for mourning; it marked sorrow, grieving and sobriety! But all that changed with the arrival of Coco Chanel in the 1920’s.

Late in 1926, Coco Chanel designed a little black dress for the cover girl of Vogue and it was touted as sensational hit by the magazine; they went so far as to call it ‘Chanel’s Ford’ due to its affordability, much like the car Ford T! Soon, women all over the country went crazy over the little black dress and it became a colossal hit!

The little black dress even managed to survive the Great Depression and World War II owing its simplicity and low maintenance, as it did not take much effort to look put together in a simple LBD! Not long after, in the 1950’s, the LBD took a hit, no thanks to the conservative thoughts of the generation who believed that black was a color of seduction and that it was not proper for women of class to don it! But that era was soon followed by the ‘rock and roll period’ where women wanted to look rebellious and took to wearing shorter versions of the LBD – the minis!

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