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Turtleneck Sweater for the Curvy Woman

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Turtleneck Sweater

Turtleneck Sweater

Who doesn’t love a turtleneck sweater? Every woman does. They are cozy and comfortable and come with the sole purpose of keeping you warm all through the winter. But just like all things good, a turtleneck sweater too isn’t without its demerits. For one, they say that a woman with a considerable bosom isn’t particularly suited to wearing a turtleneck piece. And two, you must be extra careful with the length of the turtle neck sweater.

Well ladies, how about breaking those rules and setting a few new ones for yourself. So, here we go…

  1. Unless you have a model-esque figure on the terms of Cara Delavigne, you must strictly avoid wearing turtleneck sweaters that are short. Meaning, refrain from wearing crop turtleneck tops, sweaters and the like. Always go for lengthier versions that at least hit the top portion of your thighs. If you’re lucky enough to find turtlenecks that hit mid-thigh, then that calls for a celebration.
  2. As for the women worried about looking like a pregnant whale in a turtleneck sweater, here’s the solution. Wear a bottom-piece that doesn’t contrast or clash with the color of your sweater. Go for a navy blue turtleneck sweater and team it with a matching navy blue pencil skirt to give an impression of height.
  3. Another neat trick is to accessorize your turtleneck sweater with a long necklace and a pendant. Make sure to keep the pendant dazzling and bright enough to draw attention towards itself.
  4. You can also complement your curvy figure with a slim-fit turtleneck sweater.

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