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Warm and Cozy Feet

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As much as we’d like to stay warm by the fire during winter, we have to go out to work, to school, or just for a walk. Even if we are wrapped completely in sweaters, jackets, scarves and skull caps, if the feet are not covered, we feel very chilled. That’s why socks are such indispensible accessories. They warm us when the chillness sets in, and protect the feet from the effects of the cold. You can never have too many socks. So, get a new pair of socks today from Banana Republic at a discount of 30% and stay cozy.

Don’t miss out on style while choosing socks. Just slip your feet in pair of seamless hidden socks before you put your shoes on. You can also wear them with ballet flats.

If you want to sport skirts, but aren’t comfortable with tights, just get a pair of the over-the-knee socks and stay warm in the thick wool. You can pick from colors like black, grey and yellow.

Get the lace stitch knee-high socks and pair them with heels to look retro trendy. These socks make the legs look longer. If you feel they give you a school girl look, get neutral colored ones and rock this trend. Even the busy mom of three, Sarah Jessica Parker is often spotted wearing a pair with her minis.

Try out Dakota Fanning’s style for a retro look. She wore a white shirt layered with a navy blazer and red pleat skirt accessorized with knee-high socks and a pair of booties. You can also wear a pair under your high boots for added warmth.

Start filling your shopping cart with cozy and colorful socks. You can also get some for your men as this offer covers almost all apparel and accessories of men and women. Once you’re done shopping, enter the Banana Republic online code HOLIDAY at checkout to avail a 30% discount.