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Four Ways to Pamper Your BFF’s this Weekend!

Stone Laid NecklacesA friend is someone who knows everything about you but loves you anyways! Having friends around us is always blissful. They keep us moving forward in life despite all the falls and that’s why they are so special!

Yesterday, August 1st, was national girlfriends day, a special day meant to appreciate and show love for your best girl pals. If you missed out on doing something special for them, don’t worry, just make up for it this weekend!

  • Get creative! Decorate your room with balloons and colored papers and stick a chart on the wall that displays memorable pictures, pictures that you took at your college campus or at parties and even vacation photos, along with each friend’s picture anda simple sentence on why they mean so much to you. Once everything is set, make a call and tell them to come to your home!
  • An always fun idea is – to arrange for a house party! If you’re not in the mood for a party, you could also arrange a simple sleepover. Just invite all your BFF’s, and do the things you love the most like – watch your all-time favorite chick-flicks, dress up in different characters and click away, dance till you get sore and just gossip away through the night.
  • You can also make your friends feel special with handmade cards. Make simple cards, don’t decorate it too much but pen down everything that you like about each friend in particular, mention you’re memorable memories of them and send it to them by mail – even if they live just across the street, receiving a mail by post is always fun!
  • Well, if you really want to shower them with love, you know well what girls love best – sparkling pieces! Know what I’m talking about? Every woman’s best friend which comes in the form of rings, stone laid necklaces and sizzling cuffs and bangles. So, give a treat to your girlfriends by gifting them some haute new jewelries, and, don’t be worried about the budget because – you can get them at affordable prices at Banana Republic!


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