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What’s a Style Uniform?

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Piped Linen Tank

Piped Linen Tank

Everyone talks about style; but no one talks about the style uniform! Now, if you’re wondering ‘what’s a style uniform’, it’s the personal style of an individual! It’s what he or she wears or likes to wear day in and day out! Your style uniform can be anything from work pants with a jacket to a skirt with a jacket, jeans with a tee shirt or just a dress with a jacket; whatever be it, you have a style uniform!

And, if you’re thinking, you’re fashionable and cannot fall into the style uniform, simply because you shop for the latest trends and always keep your wardrobe updated with seasonal updates; here’s some news for you: even you can fall into the style uniform!

There are virtually no exceptions to the rule! Unless you’re Lady Gaga and show up in the most outrageous and visually stunning outfits every other day, and never, ever repeat them then, may be, you can call yourself an exception! But in every other case, you are in a risk of falling into the style uniform!

So, how do you get out it? While we keep up our research and try to come up with some ideas, here’s a generic solution that should keep you going until then: use a bit of creativity and wear unconventional pieces together! For instance, a pretty and elegant-looking dress with a distressed denim jacket or a beautiful skirt with blouse and rain boots should do trick and help you out of your style uniform!

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