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How to Work With Bright Outerwear

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Blue Duffle Coat

Blue Duffle Coat

For the young professional who needs fresh ideas and office-style inspiration on a daily basis, the knowledge on how to work with bright outerwear is impertinent to survival in corporate America. But before you get your cards and start shopping, here are a few things you need know in order to work with bright outer layers…

  1. Rule number one of working with bright outerwear is that you keep the rest of your outfit in a single color or at least under one color category.
  2. They say that you should not wear dark clothes if you’re styling with a bright jacket – well, that’s just a myth! You can wear dark colors like navy and black in combination with bright outerwear but make sure your colors tie the look together neatly.
  3. While wearing bright outwear, ensure that your outfit has no other jarring or in-your-face kind-of styles that can steal the spotlight from your statement coat.
  4. You can wear two bright colors – one as the outerwear and another as the inner layer – but you need to stick to successful color combinations such as leopard print and yellow, hot pink and yellow, red with monochrome stripes and blue with yellow. These color combination work well with one another and are a great way to add that extra ounce of style to your outlook.
  5. Take this bright blue duffel coat for instance, you can out it to work with a black and white striped sweater, dark blue skinny jeans, knee-high camel or tan boots, and a bright neon bag in yellow! The bright bag and the stripes will tone down the loudness of the coat by playing easy eye-candy all by themselves!

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