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How to Choose Pants

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Martin-Fit Navy Light-weight Wool Straight Leg Pants

Martin-Fit Navy Light-weight Wool Straight Leg Pants

Choosing pants! Easier said than done! Anyone who’s spent countless hours in the dressing room, only to return home empty handed out of sheer frustration in not finding a good pair of pants, can understand! While there is no magic rule that can solve your predicament, here are a few ideas that can help you navigate the tricky process…

  1. Before you start shopping for pants, understand your body! Know your body shape, size, whether you have a long or short torso, and round up on the kind of pants that will suit you! Once you go to the store fully armed with the knowledge of what you want, the choosing process gets un-complicated!
  2. Go plain! No matter what you think about patterns and prints, one style that flatters any figure, shape or size, is plain pants in solid colors! If you must experiment, choose for pants with almost-invisible vertical lines running across the length of your pants!
  3. There is no universal sizing guide when it comes to pants! You can be a size 2 in one brand and a size 16 in another! Don’t get carried away by numbers and try them on before you toss them aside!
  4. Take time! While choosing pants, it’s important to take some time to let them sink in and embrace your body! Even if they don’t seem right at first, just take a couple of minutes and try to move around in your new pair; you might actually like them!

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