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The Perfect Party Shoes for Winter!

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Darcey Italian Suede Booties

Darcey Italian Suede Booties

So you have the perfect party dress for the season! Now what? What about your shoes? When it comes to party shoes, winter is probably the trickiest season; you need to pick something fashionable alright, but you also need to make sure that your shoes are comfortable! Here, comfort simply translates to warmth, cozy, toasty – however you may want to put it! But if you’re a fan of fashion, then you know that beauty does not come without pain – literally! High heel shoes, pumps and towering stilettos are sexy-enough to cause a meltdown, but they offer little in terms of warmth or comfort! You have two options; stay cozy and comfortable in a pair of block heel punk boots, or go stylish but sacrifice comfort with a pair of pumps! We’re just excluding strappy heels, peep-toes and open-toe shooties here, ‘cos they leave your feet exposed in the cold which beats the purpose! So, now getting back to our previous question, how do you stay stylish and fashionable?

  1. Opt for boots with stiletto-style heels that can give you the desired height but minus the chunky block of heel that is common with boots!
  2. Choose a pair with some interesting elements like a couple of buckles in odd places or metallic studs! But be careful when opting for metallic studs, they can quickly take your look from chic and sophisticated, to goth and punk!
  3. Fall in love with fringe! Pick out a pair with fringe at the front like the Darcey Italian Suede Booties from Banana Republic. They have the right style of heels and the fringe serves up a nice distraction from the fact that you’re wearing boots!

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