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A Single Lady’s Guide to Rocking Valentines Day!

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Gold Button Blazer

The streets are littered with hearts, there’s tons of love in the air, and even more are the couples strolling the streets. So why not join in the celebration? Who knows, an independent valentine’s may be even more fun than one with a significant other!

And you never know if you never try! Wondering what you could do? Read on!

First off, start the day by treating yourself to a yum breakfast delivery of your favorite dishes. A little harmless indulgence!

Then, shower yourself with more love by taking a walk to the florists and buying a fresh boquet of your favorite flowers for yourself and your best pals! Make sure to send the flowers to your single friends with a mysterious note, saying its from a secret admirer. It might bring a smile or two!

After this, head to the spa and indulge in everything they offer. Massages, pedicures, manicures, get a new hairstyle, color your hair – go crazy!

The afternoon, you could spend some time for reflection. With the hectic schedules one hardly gets time to have a serene mind these days. If you live near a beach. Head there with a nice book, sit at a nearby café and get lost in the peace and quiet.

In the evening, gather all your single pals and head to the hottest karaoke bar in town and sing your heart out!

End the night with your favorite men – in film. Gasp at their handsome faces and sleep dreaming of them!

If you’re feeling a little selfish, you can always do things like, helping out in the orphanage or giving some yum food to the homeless. It’ll sure make you feel better.

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