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How to Wear Crop Tops

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Multi-striped Cropped Pullover

Multi-striped Cropped Pullover

Crop tops have been back in fashion all through summer and as for fall, it looks like the trend is here to stay. The smaller, let’s us say, ‘cropped’ version of regular tops is all it takes to put a seasoned fashionista off the tracks, ‘cos these crop tops are perceived as difficult to pull off. But the reverse is actually quite true – crop tops are extremely versatile and they can look good on anyone! Before you write off crop tops as something for the just-out-of-college girls, here are a few ways to wear crop tops, ways that are really mature and sophisticated! No matter what your personal style is, there is always a way to wear a crop top and rock it too! Read on…

Just because a crop top is short, doesn’t mean you have to expose your tummy or belly button; simply don your crop top with a high-waisted skirt or a pair of high-waisted pants to get maximum coverage and some cool style points! You could also use pants or skirts that have a broad waist band or use a wide belt to minimize the cropped effect!

A collared crop blouse with a button-front can make the crop top seem more business-friendly; add a pair of high-waisted professional tailored pants and you can nail the corporate look down to a T.

Go with a turtle-neck full-sleeve crop top; there’s something subtly sexy about showing off a bit of your midriff but keeping the other areas like neck and arms covered! You could fully tap into the idea with a cute sweater-style crop top!

You could even wear your crop top as a layering piece with a lace-accented gown and get the best of the 90’s look without even making an effort!

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